Payments without the pain points.
Does figuring out your payments revenue feel like forensic accounting?
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It all starts with a free consultation.
Our process starts with a free Payments consultation – And we mean free – We’ve made it super easy to understand how to move forward with your payments journey.

Let’s get those questions answered

There are a lot of great reasons to embed payments, but we also know there are a lot of questions you may have. Maybe you have an payments solution and just don't know about payments revenue or monetization. Maybe you‘re curious about payments but find all the acronyms and language kind of weird. Maybe you have an integration but are struggling to adopt it. Maybe you’re excited to embed payments but stuck in a complicated, time-consuming integration. Call us, we’ll do a free opportunity assessment and give you a report that will guide your way Forward . (PS its free, seriously, we’ve done this before, if you meet us and don’t like us, take the answer to the test and pick a different partner - we want you to move Forward)


If you know payments then you know the road to getting to be a certified PFAC is long and hard. We have a lighter solution.

This is where most customers looking for the fastest path to revenue, with the most capabilities and without a huge investment get started. Forward is a registered Payment Facilitator (PFAC), we are essentially “renting our capabilities” to you. You could build your own data center, but probably use a large cloud provider - think of payments similarly.


If you want to go all the way to become a registered PFAC, we can help. This is how we do it.

  • Ready to sign up for some or all of the roles we are playing - let’s talk about becoming a PFAC
  • Use the same technology you started on as PFAC Lite
  • All sub-merchant agreements assigned to your PFAC - because we believe you own your customer (how crazy!)
  • You only pay Forward for the value we create, so if you take on all of our back-office work, we can pay you even more on each transaction
  • Head’s up - its a big lift, it took us 18 months - and we were insiders after selling our last company to a payments giant


Merchant Sales (100% Optional )

Need help selling payments to your customer base? Our team can help so you can focus on what you do best - selling software.

A payments sale is different from a software sale - high velocity, single call close, highly transactional. The playbook we’ve built can help you manage this process - including making it so your customers pay less on your pricing than what some sales rep or bank sold them on a few years ago. So it’s a win for everyone. And there’s no pressure - if you want to hand this off to us to start and take it back in a month, a year, or a couple - let us know anytime.  No time commitment to continue.