Move Forward with

your payments journey

Payments Consultation

De-mystify payments complexity with a no-obligation review by our experts

Technical Integration

Integrate in days not months, well documented API, sample code, technical points of contact

Merchant Adoption

Processing payments is half the journey, now its time to build the payments business

How it Works: Business
How it Works Business
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Pick the right model

Most SaaS companies start with PFAC Lite and grow into PFAC over time

Maximize Merchant Adoption

Price payments correctly to drive attach rate of 70% or more within 18 months

Build Value in the product

Make it easier for customers to accept, reconcile, and track payments in your software

Sell / Convert your Customers

We mean sell, you can do this or we can help, but don’t skip this important step

Invest Proceeds

Invest newfound high margin payments revenue back into your business to fuel growth

How it Works: Technical
How it Works Technical
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Pick your Path

Implement 100% white label using our APIs or leverage our tools (e.g. SDKs, Elements) for speed to market

Limit Compliance

Leverage our tools to limit your scope and exposure to PCI compliance and adding security

Gateway Connection

Connect in a day, sample code, live testing, developer support from engineers that have done it before

Provide Customer Access

Skin our pre-built merchant (customer) portal or embed via our APIs

Enjoy the praise

Bask in the appreciation from the business guys for doubling the company’s revenue