Welcoming Nicole Hall (ex-Elavon, Finix) to Forward

We are excited to share that Nicole Hall has joined the Forward partnerships team, where she will help software companies successfully integrate and generate significant revenue from payments.

Nicole is a special hire. Not only has she been helping SaaS companies navigate payments in recent years at Finix, she started her payments journey on the front-lines, engaging with “merchants” first hand at Elavon.

Direct merchant acquiring (think door to door sales or calling bank leads) is being replaced by software companies. The software company’s customer uses the payment solution already integrated (seamlessly) with the vertical SaaS stack.

When we reached out to Nicole, she was not interested in changing jobs, but we didn’t give up. We asked her to take a demo of our product before making the decision. Shortly after, Nicole changed her mind.

“Forward’s  platform solves the tricky, hidden problems many software companies don’t see until it’s too late.”  

-Nicole Hall

Stay tuned for the next big addition, and reach out to learn more about Nicole and the Forward team is building!

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